Chances are that if you were not constantly sleeping, that you have heard the term “NFT” lately. Especially now that bands like Kings of Leon are releasing a special edition of their new album “When You See Yourself” as an NFT, nicely called “ NFT Yourself “. Or Beeple, a digital artist, who has just sold one of his works as an NFT for 69 Million dollar !

But what are these NFT’s everyone is talking about? Let’s take a look!

What are NFT’s?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, and they are digital collectibles. These collectibles can be just about anything, any unique…

Emails, you get them, I get them, and together, we get way to many of them! With an average of 306.4 billion emails being sent and received per day in 2020, you can imagine that it is easy to send someone an email, only to see it getting lost in the inbox-flood that your recipient is experiencing. Just like you are.

Luckily, if you use your subject line wisely, you can increase the chance of being noticed in this flood, and getting your message across.

Supercharge the Subject Line

When browsing through your inbox, you most probably just skim over the sender and the…

When your daily life regularly has databases in it, then the chances are quite high that you’ve already heard the term quite a few times, data modeling. But what is it exactly? And why should you do it?

what is data modeling?

Data modeling is often considered a necessary evil, a form of documentation, which is pushed to the end of the project, only to be ignored and forgotten, due to time or budget constraints, or both. But is that correct? Is it necessary? Is it evil? And is it only documentation, which can be made afterwards?

Let’s take a look at what…

Passwords are everywhere these days, and the password overload struggle is real! In an analysis created by Dashlane, a password manager, it appears that in 2019, the average person has 90 different online accounts. This means, 90 times that you struggle to think of good passwords, which you can remember, or, as most people do it, think of one password to unlock them all. Let me tell you straight away: the first option is not a good one (you will not be able to remember 90 good passwords), the second option is simply put plain bad.

Good passwords and medieval cities

Good passwords are not…

What is database partitioning?

Partitioning is dividing your tables and indexes into smaller pieces, and even subdivide it into even smaller pieces.
Think of it as having several million different magazines of different topics and different years (say 2000–2019) all in one big warehouse (one big table). Partitioning would mean that you would put them organized in different rooms inside that big warehouse. They still belong together inside the one warehouse, but now you group them on a logical level, depending on your database partitioning strategy.

What’s the advantage of using database partitioning?

A good partitioning strategy is feasible for several reasons, for instance better performance, better manageability, higher availability, or…

New year, the typical time of the year when everyone sets their goals for the coming year. And so should you! Setting your goals is important if you want direction, and face it, we all need direction, or we’re just wandering around.
When you set your goals, you should set them SMART: Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic and Tim-based. Let’s first take a look at what these SMART goals are, and later we’ll see a great way to reach them.


You need to set specific goals. Don’t just say I want to monetise my blog in 2010, or, I want…

It’s all about you. No, it’s all about me! It’s about us. All of us.

We live together, you and I. Whoever you are, my reader, wherever you are. Be you male or female, or not yet sure, or anything else. Be you young or old, Asian, American, European, Arabian, … Be you strong, or poor, depressed or living life to the fullest. We live together, maybe not in this house, or in this village. Or even this country or this continent. But we do live together, on this earth. And the earth has become a very small place due…

I have many goals in my life, and one of them is to learn as much as possible. I try not to let a single day go by, without learning at least something. Some days I learn a lot, while following a web training, or reading a few Blinkist books, or by simply talking to someone who knows things that I don’t. Some days I learn only small things, or I simply think about the day, and try to learn from what happened that day.

In this post, I want to share already a few of the lessons I’ve learned…

If you’re a photographer like me, you want to spend as much time as possible outside (or inside, or where ever) shooting, and less time behind a screen post processing. So if there’s any trick I can use to speed up the post processing work, I tend to take it with both hands! So, I present to you: Lightroom Shortcuts!

Shortcuts in Lightroom are simple keyboard strokes that can perform a task that would otherwise take you a few mouse moves and click. If it is for just a single action that you only perform once in a while, it…

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